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Battlegrounds Mobile India(MOD MENU)
Battlegrounds Mobile India_latestmodsapk.com

Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod apk game v1.0(MOD MENU) for android

Updated on Dec 11,2023
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App Name
Battlegrounds Mobile India
Latest Version
Android Limited
Andriod 5.0+
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Test Anti-ban system
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The Description Of Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Apk


Hey, Indian gamers! How's your life going on during this pandemic lockdown? Are you getting bored every day, doing the same stuff and daily task? Yeah, We can understand this thing since Tencent's PUBG Mobile had got banned in our country a few months ago, and finally, it became hard for us full-time gamers to kill the dull time. Yeah, we can still play this game with some external services like VPN servers, but it's damn complex!

But You don't need to worry about that boring era after today, since this day we're going to introduce you to your most desired game. Ultimately, We've got the PUBG Mobile back with an Indian version, named BGMI! BGMI is evaluated as Battle Ground Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, developed without any hand from Tencent It's one of the most epic origins of 2021 and the most desired Android game. Moreover, If You're a full-time gamer and never have played the PUBG Mobile before, You're going to love the interface. BGMI is ready to evolve your gaming with excellent gaming modes, FPP Shooting experience, HD Quality, and an enormous variety of weapons.

Play your favorite PUBG Mobile now with an exclusive Indian version

September 2, 2020, was a damn hard day for all the Indian gamers, as it was the day when PUBG got banned for all the Indian gamers and got deleted from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and almost all the app stores. After that day, many gamers got switched to some of the different Battle Royale creations, like Garena Free Fire, Call Of Duty Mobile, and Fortnite. But still, we're not sufficient without PUBG Mobile. We haven't got any supplements like PUBG Mobile. But gone those sad days, and finally, we're ready to welcome the newest creation by the Krafton Mobile - BGMI. BGMI is the Battle Ground Mobile India, or simply the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, to run in all states of India without using any VPN servers. BGMI is a fully-featured Android game developed to deliver you the ditto features, privileges, and the interface as the Chinese PUBG Mobile. Additionally, BGMI is 100% designed by Krafton Gaming, with zero help from Tencent Gaming. So You can download this game instantly from the below link and start enjoying it from the exact moment!

Enjoy the incredible creation of Krafton with all your desired weaponry

If You're a dedicated PUBG Mobile lover, then you must know about Krafton Inc. It's basically the former brand of PUBG Mobile and all other PUBG games like PUBG PC and PUBG PC Lite. You saw this amazing Battle-royale game in your life only because of the Krafton INC. And finally, Krafton INC has developed the BGMI for all the Indian gaming aspirants. One of the best features that I loved the most inside BGMI is the gaming interface. Basically, BGMI contains the same gaming interface, with almost all the same in-game stuff as Tencent's PUBG Mobile. First of all, You'll get your desired weaponry inside the BGMI Android game. It'll offer you all the best Assault Rifles, like M416, M14A, AKM, Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles, like Kar98K, and AWM, and all other weapons available inside the PUBG Mobile, with a new Sniper rifle, named Mosin Nagant.

Time to go and enjoy the early access for all your favorite season

Similar to the above feature, this privilege will also make you fall in love with the BGMI since BGMI APK is delivering you the same stuff you have had earned in the last seasons in PUBG Mobile. Yeah, You won't need to start gaming from scratch without having any Gun skin and costumes where you wasted lots of cents the last few years. Excepting that, You can click the below button, and download BGMI APK ASAP for enjoying all the same stuff you earned inside Tencent's PUBG Mobile, then either if it's the Godzilla Costume or Glacier M416. Moreover, there are more upcoming seasons about to take place inside BGMI APK. So stop being dull, and start playing BGMI from today onwards. Just login now with the same account and get all stuff shifted on BGMI.

Play numerous online gaming modes with your Facebook friends

BGMI is an Android shooting game, which is right now only offered as early access. So as an initial presentation, the game delivers you the most precious gaming modes that all PUBG gamers will love. Similarly, As our last PUBG Mobile, You'll get all the below-listed gaming modes with zero hassle of unlocking -

  • Classic Mode - Classic is the primary mode of PUBG Mobile, helping you enjoy the Battle-Royale gameplay, where you're supposed to play in-between 100 players with your squad and remain in the last fighting with enemies. Fortunately, BGMI offers you six different maps here, including Erangel, Sanhok, Insectoid, Livik, Miramar, and Karakin.

  • Arcade Mode - Arcade Mode contains short games for instant fun like Quick Match. You can play these modes for practicing the game with no worry of rank cramping on failures. It includes fast modes including Quick Match, Sniper Training, and War.

  • EvoGround Mode - EvoGround is the most diverse mode in between all other modes of BGMI. It's a mode developed like COD Mobile. In simple words, You can here fight with enemies and can revive all your team guys by collecting their revive card. Excluding that, You'll see lots of additional stuff here, as Choppers and RPGs included for expanding your fun.

  • Arena Mode - Arena Mode is the Multiplayer kinda gaming mode inside BGMI, where you can enjoy all your favorite Multiplayer modes, which you loved during your childhood. It contains sub-modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Gun Game, Arena Training, and Assault.

Join in the best clans for getting the fantastic rewards playing in groups

Your clans will guide you towards the best way you need to go on the BGMI. All You need is to find the best clan, and afterward, you can join them to complete most of the Clan missions simply and earn hundreds of rewards. Moreover, You can also play the Clan matches for increasing your points and winning real money. Moreover, there is also an option named Crew, where you can make a group of up to 6 guys and start playing with them to win unique rewards like the Rename card. You can rename your crew and can also customize an icon for your Crew to look cool. So join a Clan, make a Crew and start playing BGMI by clicking the below-most green download button.

Enjoy shopping the most incredible costumes, gun skins, and emotes

Apart from all the above excellent stuff, BGMI APK also delivers you the shopping menu, where you can shop for the most outlandish costumes and mighty gun skins. You need here two different types of gaming currencies, including the UCs, and Gold coins. Afterward, You can apply these currencies to purchase all your favorite stuff listed on the shopping menu. Additionally, You can also use the Lucky Draws to collect the most exceptional gun skins with some tricks. All You need to do is to employ some money and purchase UCs, and afterward, you can also buy the Classic and Premium Crates for unlocking the premium stuff of the game. Hustle and game onwards!

Complete every season of Battle Royale passes to win great rewards

Virtual games are nothing without the prizes and suppose if you're playing a Battle Royale Android game with struggling a lot, in that case, You are also worth some exclusive rewards, like some free Gun skins and the Costumes. Keeping that in mind, BGMI also has embedded the Battle Royale Pass stuff within the game, the same as Tencent's PUBG Mobile. You can earn free rewards within this Battle Royale pass, and afterward, you can enjoy all the stuff amazingly. You'll get one present for completing every level of Battle Royale Pass. Moreover, You can also upgrade this pass at just 799.99 INR and collect the premium stuff within that free stuff on completing every level. Just complete various Battle Pass missions and collect points RP points to increase your RP levels.


BGMI APK is finally out today for all the aspiring Indian Android gamers, containing the entirely ditto interface as the official PUBG Mobile. If you download it from Google Play Store, You can't if you haven't registered it for early access before. But don't worry, since you can download it here below and play the early access without any hustle. Stop hustling and click below the green button to download the latest BGMI APK with APK file. It's a 100% free Android game having no advertisements or bugs at all. So You can download it ASAP, without getting scared of security. Download it ASAP, and comment below if you're getting any issues!

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Battlegrounds Mobile India Mod Apk v1.0 Update
Bug Fixes
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