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Resident Evil 4(Unlimited Money)
Resident Evil 4_latestmodsapk.com

Resident Evil 4 Mod apk game v1.01.01 ~ www.androidoyun.club(Unlimited Money) for android

Updated on Sep 02,2022
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App Name
Resident Evil 4
Latest Version
1.01.01 ~ www.androidoyun.club
Android Limited
Andriod 5.0+
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Unlimited Money
The Description Of Resident Evil 4 Mod Apk

Looking for some epic actions in your next shooter titles? Expecting the game to be both interesting and engaging at the same time? Then Resident Evil 4 with many of its interesting features and gameplay will certainly impress you. With the original console game now being available on mobile devices, Android gamers can start to dive into their ultimate action shooter adventures.

Here in Resident Evil 4, gamers can find themselves enjoying the following adventures after the successful installments of the series. Have fun playing with the epic shooter challenges while exploring the intriguing mysteries throughout the series. Engage in the thrilling and exhilarating gameplay with tons of immersive actions and cool mechanics.

Find out more about this interesting mobile game from CAPCOM with our complete reviews.


Following the events that happened in the previous episodes of the series, gamers will now find themselves joining Leon S. Kennedy, one of a few survivors from the incidents that happened in Raccoon City, in his new adventures. Here, prior to the gameplay of Resident Evil 4, Leon was recruited and trained by a government organization to turn him into a capable agent for the special security team.

In his latest missions, Leon finds himself being transported to Spain, in a part of an important rescue operation, with the main target being the president’s daughter – Ashley Graham. She was recently kidnaped by an unknown cult, in their attempt to take control of the presidency. But there is more to that, as turns out, the cult was secretly controlling the minds of their followers with some kind of parasite called “Las Plagas”. And this was just the beginning of the stories, with tons of horrifying truths for you to discover.

Along with Leon’s side of the story, gamers will also find themselves engaging in another exciting series of events with Ada Wong, the mysterious mercenary who is also on her track of the cult. Here, you can enjoy the separate gameplay with both characters and take on many co-op missions together. Feel free to have fun with the ultimate gameplay of mobile shooter as you progress and unlock awesome experiences with Resident Evil 4, the ultimate blockbuster on the previous PlayStation 2.


Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Dive into the third-person shooter experiences with epic actions

To start with, Android gamers in Resident Evil 4 will find themselves diving into the exciting gameplay of third-person shooter with tons of epic actions. Feel free to enjoy the first title from the series that had gotten rid of the fixed camera. Now you’ll be free to move around and engage in more exciting shooter experiences with fast-paced gunplay, convenient touch controls, and immersive shootout challenges. In addition, with added enemies, both in numbers and abilities, the exciting gameplay of Resident Evil 4 will truly hook you to many of its interesting challenges.

Simple and convenient saving options

In addition, with Resident Evil 4, Android gamers can also find themselves making simple and easy saves throughout their adventures. Feel free to get rid of the ink ribbons that only allow you to make your saves in certain spots, Resident Evil 4 now comes with the accessible save options that you can quickly access while opening the setting panels. Choose to save as many times as you wish and reload them whenever you want. Not to mention that the quick checkpoint feature will make the game more satisfying, as you won’t need to go over and over again just to replay certain scenes that you’ve failed.

Enjoy tons of quick time events and engaging cut scenes

Also, to allow Android gamers to better engage themselves with the stories and in-game advancements, Resident Evil 4 does feature tons of quick time events (QTE) that will engage you into the gameplay. And at the same time, immersive and beautiful cutscenes with greatly enhanced graphics will also make the game extra special. Here, you can truly find yourself engaged in the stories with many of its engaging progressions. Many QTE will come with split-second decisions and executions that you need to perfect before you get hammered by the enemies. This will keep you hooked to the game and allow you to enjoy the actions to the fullest.

Truly engage in the escort missions

Another thing that separates the game from other titles in the series is the engaging escort mechanics, which require players to keep Ashley by their side. Here, you can truly engage in the rescue missions through many interactions with Ashley throughout the experiences. You can command her to “wait”, “follow”, and “hide”, which will make you feel like you’re actually guarding the hostage. Don’t let the enemies kill her, since this will mean that you need to restart the game from the previous saves.

Also, it’s possible for gamers to attempt killing her with any of their preferred weapons. This won’t result in any changes of the game and you can progress moments later, which makes it a good way to relax and eliminate stress after all those challenging rescue missions. In addition, occasionally, you’ll find your helpless Ashley being quite useful, as she can potentially reach up to places or engage in other in-game elements that you can’t do alone.

New inventory setups with interesting features

With Resident Evil 4, Android gamers will also find themselves enjoying the new inventory with grid setups, which resemble the interesting gameplay of Tetris. As a result, you can find multiple ways to fit your items and weapons inside the inventory, and most importantly, turning the items upside down in whichever direction to fit them into the full inventory. Always attempt to make upgrades to your inventory so you can increase the total space, which can be more than three times the original.

Explore tons of interesting weapons and upgrades from the Merchant

For getting items, weapons, and making upgrades in Resident Evil 4, Android gamers will need the help of The Merchant, who is responsible for multiple purchases in the game. You can find him in multiple areas in the game as the guy will automatically spawn on certain designated locations throughout your adventures. And the further you advance in the game and unveiled better portions of the stories, the items, and upgrades inside The Merchant’s shop will offer more advanced options, and of course, they will cost you more money to purchase.

Feel free to unlock the huge collection of different weapons with the help of The Merchants. And even the ones that you find on the way will also need The Merchants to upgrades. Explore the different approaches and experiences with the shooter gameplay while enjoying tons of powerful weapons. Unlock unique gameplay whenever you’re in Resident Evil 4.

Varied difficulties for you to select

And if you’re finding the game being too difficult or too easy, it’s totally possible for Android gamers to make their complete changes of the gameplay thanks to the available difficulty levels. Here, you can choose between 4 different difficulty modes, which consist of Amateur, Easy, Normal, and Professional.

In these different modes, you’ll find the game getting significantly more different as Leon must overcome more challenges in the Professional mode, while they are often skipped in the other modes. And at the same time, more powerful weapons and items will also be introduced to better guide you through the challenges. And most importantly, the varied power levels from your monster enemies will make the game extra enjoyable.

Enjoy tons of bonuses and unlockable content

Along with the main gameplay, Resident Evil 4 also introduces many of its interesting unlockable that you can only pick up from the game, once you have had it completed. Here, the game will introduce multiple bonus items and costumes for both Ada and Leon, in addition to a collection of new game modes that you can enjoy. Feel free to dive into the interesting mini-games and new set of missions for Ada only. And always find yourself having fun with the game.

Enjoy the full game for absolutely free

With the game currently being a paid version on the Google Play Store, you’ll need to pay to unlock the entire experiences, which isn’t always available for many gamers. Hence, for those of you who’re interested in enjoying the game for absolutely free, we have got your back. Here on our website, we offer the fully unlocked and free version of Resident Evil 4 with many interesting mods for you to enjoy. All it takes is for you to download the Resident Evil 4 Mod APK from our website, follow the provided instructions, and you should be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Feel free to dive into the awesome in-game visuals from Resident Evil 4 as you enjoy the awesome mobile shooter gameplay to the fullest. Here, the game offers its incredible 3D graphics that will impress most gamers while having them truly engaged in the experiences. And with the brilliantly designed levels with the horror themes, Resident Evil 4 offers much more immersive gameplay for mobile gamers. And thanks to the realistic physics, each and every one of your in-game actions will look and feel extra legit.


Along with the powerful in-game visuals, Resident Evil 4 also offers its signature audio experiences with brilliantly crafted pieces of music that will truly hook you to the in-game adventures. Here, you can enjoy the beautiful soundtracks, horrifying sound effects, and many other audio elements, which would make the entire experience a lot more engaging.

Final thoughts

For hardcore mobile gamers who have found themselves bored with the unknown and insignificant mobile titles on your Android devices, this authentic game from SEGA will truly engage you in the brilliant pieces of action and adventure. And with the game currently being free and unlocked on our website, you’ll have all your reasons to start enjoying it.

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Resident Evil 4 Mod Apk v1.01.01 ~ www.androidoyun.club Update
Bug Fixes
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