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Potion Punch 2(Unlimited Tickets)
Potion Punch 2_latestmodsapk.com

Potion Punch 2 Mod apk game v1.0(Unlimited Tickets) for android

Updated on May 30,2022
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App Name
Potion Punch 2
Latest Version
Android Limited
Andriod 5.0+
Monstronauts Inc.
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Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Tickets
The Description Of Potion Punch 2 Mod Apk


There are many issues that are of interest to people in today's modern world, and one of them is that people are required to live well and live well. Are many people interested in their diet or physique? They spend a lot of time exercising or preparing a proper diet plan. Even in this day and age, people have paid attention to themselves and all. The era of advanced technology was born as many fast food companies have a special advantage, but also many disadvantages that affect people's health.

The production of such fast food also has long-term environmental consequences, worsening the state of the earth. Understanding these things, sports publishers have kept the subject of cooking in their games clean. Many games have evolved day by day and thank people for their prominence and practicality such as Pong Punch 2: Fantasy Cooking Adventures from Monstronauts Inc. publisher.

Fun Fantasy Cooking Features

Potion Punch 2 tells the story of cooking completely different from simple cooking games you've never heard of - an adventure to the world of Potion Punch2 with many new things unfolding each time. There are a variety of characters that players can choose from, such as Doctor, Alchemist, Nurse, Salpsis ..., each character has an individual story that players will know when the selection is made. The game provides easy instructions to players through notifications on the screen; Such instructions will navigate the character in the right direction and are suitable for adventure. 

The location and location of Potion Punch 2 of the world are also very diverse from bars and romantic restaurants for couples will be owned by a first store, it will be integrated into a stock store so that people can then exchange more valuable items. You can hunt for such gifts every time you fulfill all requests. From customers and game systems, in each particular season, you can also see an expert and advise them on nutrition how to cook, players can visit new locations in each land.

A Growing Part of Unique Characters

One way would be to mix foods and spices together to make a new dish. , Sell it to merchants at high prices to earn profits for the store, this version of the game is even more amazing with its scalability, it's like a skill book or messy puzzle pieces, the player arranges, or a colorless one.

Like the book, the waiting player gets and draw individual personal colors in it. Players embody characters to create thousands of colorful and delicious dishes. Customers always choose restaurants with bold individual colors, not stereotypes.

Customers will come more for the great food you make, and they will become regular customers of the restaurants you manage. The game's configuration also gives players the most comfortable entertainment and learns more new experiences.

Strategic Upgrades and Decorations

The game is not as easy as you think, but it is always changing, opening up new lands so that you can explore it with your friends. Through new areas, you will meet many people, unlock many skills, and collect profits and personal items. Decorate the character and create a new look for the restaurant. Use the things used for decoration or use the profits to unlock colorful decorations. This will probably attract more customers to check-in at the restaurant.

Beyond your imagination, the game also has great heroes to help people in crisis. Unlock these legendary heroes to support mystical magic when in danger. The plus point for the game is the offline feature, to help players hunt bonuses in the online mode, competing with friends to contribute names to the rankings. The game is full of beautiful pictures and very bright colors which arouse the curiosity and creativity of the players.

The current game is enjoyed by many fans and is included in world player rankings, unlocking special packages, and earning bonuses from making recipes and adventures with the brothers. Legendary heroes to discover many strange things you have never known.

Amazing New Features Of Potion Punch 2 Mod Apk

A brand new cooking adventure awaits you in Potion Punch 2. Join Lyra, a determined young alchemist, on a magic quest to cure her mentor Noam’s mysterious gamified condition.

Play as a traveling shopkeeper and run an assortment of shops; from a fantastical tavern, a magic restaurant, an enchanted diner, to every magic item shop in between. You will find new and exciting cooking games in every chapter!

☆ Dash around a vast kingdom and discover a new way to play in each location.
☆ Merge ingredients in a dash to cook tasty food and create magic items.
☆ Test your cooking skills across many addictively fun levels, restaurants, and game modes.
☆ Merge magic, cook tasty food, and master fresh and original cooking game mechanics.
☆ Go on a combo-Licious cooking fever and try to serve as many customers as you can!

☆ Win the heart of your customers and turn them into loyal patrons.
☆ Throw epic parties to attract, collect, and unlock new adventurers across the kingdom.
☆ Get help from a dragon queen, a magic barkeep, and other heroes with powerful cooking abilities.
☆ Discover their story and reap the benefits of the bonds you build.

Design, decorate, and renovate to increase your shop’s popularity in each location.
Upgrade your dragon grill, potion maker, and other fantasy cooking equipment to survive the frantic cooking craze.
Do it your way and choose the right restaurant upgrades for your play style and maximize your profits.

Summon legendary shop heroes and use their magic to overcome numerous challenges.
Hustle to defend your shop against dastardly villains who are up to no good.

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Potion Punch 2 Mod Apk v1.0 Update
Bug Fixes
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Potion Punch 2(Unlimited Tickets) Mod 1.0(192.3MB)
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