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Subway Surfers(Unlimited money/keys)
Subway Surfers_latestmodsapk.com

Subway Surfers Mod apk game v3.31.3(Unlimited money/keys) for android

Updated on Jul 08,2023
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App Name
Subway Surfers
Latest Version
Android Limited
Android 5.1+
SYBO Games
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Mod Info
1.Unlimited money, keys
2.Suspended skateboards and boosters
3.no ads
4.Unlock all characters
The Description Of Subway Surfers Mod Apk

Subway Surfers Unlimited money/keys​ has modified a large number of gold coins and keys for players. Players can use them freely in the game. The game resources are real and reliable. Players can download and play with confidence. There are many characters in this game that can let Players can unlock and use it, and each character also has a different appearance skin. Players can unlock and use it freely in the game. Interested players, download Subway Surfers Unlimited Gold Coins Unlimited Key Edition to experience it!

Game Features

1. The game has a very delicate game screen, where you can enjoy a flying parkour journey.

2. Exciting PK challenges, exciting competitive gameplay, enjoying different scenery, unlocking more props to make you run faster.

3. Brand new map parkour scene, flexibly control your character to avoid more dangerous obstacles and rush forward.

4. The game has various game modes such as qualifying match and prop match, where you can compete with your friends.

5. Control different characters to gallop on different tracks, and eat more gold coins and diamonds while avoiding obstacles flexibly.

6. It will increase with the atmosphere of the festival, and many easter eggs are waiting for you to uncover. Just in time, start a carnival of parkour.

Game Highlights

1. The beautiful scenery and delicious food are so beautiful that you can enjoy the international style to the fullest

A new base for international trendy people, a shopping street, passing through layers of shrine buildings and bird bureaus, enjoying the beautiful scenery under the dancing cherry blossoms and the "bullet train" Shinkansen, the international version of Subway Surfers will take you to experience the strong international style, show All aspects of life with international characteristics, heart-pounding international travel, GO! go! go!

2. Sailor suit with double ponytails, Kawaii girl Qianqian debut

The vitality girl Qianqian in a sailor suit makes a cute appearance! In Japan, sailor suits are usually school uniforms for girls, and short pleated skirts and fashionable stockings show the character's vigor and vitality. It is worth mentioning that the scarves of sailor uniforms generally have straight and triangular shapes. It is said that the small triangle on the back of the triangular scarf means "recruitment of lovers". Hurry up and let Qianqian do parkour and see what her scarf symbolizes Bar!

3. The return of cat skateboards can bring good luck to users

The cat skateboard is coming, this is a special skateboard that cats must buy! The skateboard is drawn in classic Japanese colors of red, white, and blue. The lucky cat in the central group is in the shape of one of the hands raised above the head. The left hand means luck, and the right hand means luck. "Cat Skateboard" has the meanings of , luck, and origin. "Cat Skateboard" carries the eternal hope of human beings for happiness, happiness, and good luck!

4. International missions, collect colorful dolls and get props rewards

Kimonos, doll heads, bow hair accessories, these are the standard elements of Japanese style dolls! In the collection task of Subway Surfers, players only need to collect colorful dolls to get rich props rewards. Hurry up and participate, the rewards are different every week! 3. Light plush dress, popular fashion for international fashionistas

On the streets of the world, we can often find boys and girls wearing all kinds of fancy clothes. Light plush clothes are especially popular among Japanese young people. Wearing plush clothes and galloping on the rails, there is a cute wind blowing in the game.

Game Advantage

1. When passing through the gold coins, they will be collected automatically. With the gold coins, we can buy new characters, and of course, we can also buy props and upgrade props for the characters.

2. After the game starts, change the track by sliding the character left and right. Other important controls are jumping and rolling. The operation method of these actions is the same as changing the track. These modes of operation are the basic modes of operation of the game.

3. The rocket propulsion backpack allows the character to fly a certain distance and collect a string of gold coins along the way; the super sneakers allow the character to run faster than normal; the gold coin magnet can help automatically collect all the gold coins within a certain range near the character; and finally Double points, double the points obtained within a certain period of time.


1. Magnets

After getting the Coin Magnet, you can collect all the gold coins in the game within the effective time of the item.

2. Jetpack

After getting the Jetpack, you can fly in the air without encountering obstacles and trains during the effective time of the props, but you can still collect gold coins.

3. Skateboard

Double-tap the screen during the game to activate the Hoverboard and have two lives within the valid time.

4. Sports shoes

After obtaining Super Sneakers, you can jump higher than usual during the validity period of the props. If the player hits the ceiling while jumping without using the skateboard, the game will end.

5. Double score

After obtaining the 2X Multiplier, within the effective time of the item, each gold coin collected can get twice the original multiplier score.

Game Skills

1. Basic combo jump

This is not too difficult, training hand speed is the premise. When jumping in the air, you can quickly roll down and roll, and when you roll halfway, you can quickly jump up and jump high. This is the most suitable combination for avoiding obstacles when running naked at high speed. It needs regular practice to improve proficiency and coping skills.

2. Barricade double jump

By jumping directly above the roadblock and stepping on the roadblock for the second jump, you can jump directly onto the train. This technique requires high distance control and is difficult. Naturally, it also depends on long-term exercise.

Little knowledge: The height after the double jump is twice the usual.

3. Top of the Tunnel

There are still a lot of collections hidden on the high tunnel. There are three ways to go up, big springboard, bouncer, and double jump. You must ensure that there is a foothold near the tunnel, that is, the train, so that you can jump up to the top by the train. You can’t jump to the highest point with jumping shoes and a springboard on the spot. Be careful, this operation is still very difficult difficult.

4. Train relay

A situation that players often encounter. There are no obstacles on the left and right roads, and there are 3~4 trains speeding past on the middle road. In order to absorb the gold coins on the car, you can use the basic combination to jump and roll at this time. The premise is to pay attention to the sense of rhythm, not too fast. If the train has not reached your feet, you have already slid down in midair. Then only get hit.

If the player holds a magnet, it is recommended to jump normally, and the magnet will automatically absorb all the missing gold coins to the player.

5. Tunnel Dodge

There are also subways and tunnels, with a pillar in the middle, and there will be irregular trains rushing to the left and right sides. At this time, the player's resilience will be tested.

Going through a tunnel in the early stage means that there is no pressure. In the later stage, after 30W points, players often have the phenomenon that their fingers do not respond in time and are killed. For the skills of crossing the tunnel, quick eyesight and quick hands are the premise. The key is to keep a calm mind so as not to slip hands.

Game evaluation

1. Lightning fast crushing effect, mobile game with high-resolution optimized graphics, which can relieve visual fatigue.

2. It takes a lot of gold coins to unlock more new parkour equipment, which requires better mastery.

3. Avoid oncoming trains, decorate trains, draw funny HD pictures, surf, decorate a rocket pack that has started.

4. Full sprint will help experienced, skilled and inexperienced new players avoid being intercepted by rough inspectors and their entourage.

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Subway Surfers Mod Apk v3.31.3 Update

- The Subway Surfers Crew takes on Hollywood! This season, run through gorgeous movie sets and glamorous streets.
- So much new content! Discover Rudy Rascal, Ventura and the out-of-this-world Glorgalax, along with their unique Boards. Bonus: Vivienne is getting a shiny new look with the Glam Outfit.
- Join and complete the Summer Run to redeem an exclusive frame for your Player Profile.
- Find irresistible Summer offers in the Shop all season long, including a 4th of July special!

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