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Among Us(Unlimited hat)
Among Us_latestmodsapk.com

Among Us Mod apk game v2023.3.28(Unlimited hat) for android

Updated on Oct 26,2022
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App Name
Among Us
Latest Version
Android Limited
Android 6.0+
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Innersloth LLC
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Mod Info
Unlimited hat
Unlimited pets
Unlimited skin
No ads
No ban

Note: Please fill in the English name at the top before entering the room; If you can't enter the game, please click the small globe in the lower right corner to switch to the "North America" area.
The Description Of Among Us Mod Apk

Among Us mod apk Introduction

"Among Us" is a strategy casual game produced and published by Innersloth, which can allow 4-15 people to play online at the same time. After the Nintendo Switch digital version of "among us" was launched on the eShop, sales reached 3.2 million copies in the half month after its release. It can be said that it is a very popular and very fun game! The latest version is v2022.3.29, and 4 characters have been updated: shapeshifter, scientist, engineer, guardian angel, and the friend function has been updated.

Among Us mod apk game features:

"Among Us" is a strategy casual game developed and published by Innersloth. Online or via LAN with 4-15 players as players travel on the ship to where they want to go. But beware...because there may be pretenders on board. One to three crew members have been replaced by pretenders (inner ghosts). Their goal is to eliminate the rest of the crew before the ship returns. Pretenders will sabotage ships, sneak into ventilation ducts, trick others into keeping themselves safe and kill crew members. No one can remain anonymous while everyone is fixing the facility. Once the body is reported, the surviving crew will publicly debate who they believe is the "pretender". The purpose of the pretenders is to pretend they are crew members. If you don't vote, everyone will continue to maintain the ship until another body is found or an emergency meeting is called. If the pretender is voted, the crew wins

Among Us mod apk game rules

The game (4~15 people in total) has two factions: crew members and pretenders (1~3 people). Players know their identities, but crew members do not know the identities of others. Crews need to complete all missions or vote all pretenders to win. Pretenders need to kill or vote out crew members, so that the number of crew members and the number of pretensers present are the same to win.

Mod info:
1. Unlimited Hats
2. Unlimited pets
3. Unlimited skins
4. No Ads
5. No bans

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Among Us Mod Apk v2023.3.28 Update
Ready to horse around, Crewmates? It's the 2023.3.28 update!

- APRIL FOOLS: Check out the game starting March 31st, 5pm PST for a fun surprise in both Classic and Hide n Seek mode!

- Additional cosmetics redeemed by Beans added to the store

- Various bug and QoL fixes
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