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Angry Birds 2(Unlimited currency)
Angry Birds 2_latestmodsapk.com

Angry Birds 2 Mod apk game v3.15.4(Unlimited currency) for android

Updated on Mar 29,2023
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App Name
Angry Birds 2
Latest Version
Android Limited
Android 5.0+
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Rovio Entertainment Corporation
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Mod Info
1.Unlimited Diamonds
2.Unlimited black pearls
3.High score
4.physical strength undiminished
The Description Of Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk

Angry Birds 2 is a very classic and fun break-through game, you can gain more game fun. 

In the game, you can also change the skin at will, and each bird has a special ability.

Game introduction

New to Angry Birds? Iconic characters, hilarious experiences, and fun to play, come Angry Birds 2. 

Interesting game experience and happy leisure time have captured the hearts of millions of players.

Long-time Angry Birds fan? Everything you loved about the classic Angry Birds game is still there, with exciting additions. 

Choose which bird to pop, have fun with friends, tackle multi-stage levels, and compete cooperatively with players from around the world.

Game Features

1. National competition, dominate the standings

2. A new character debuts, free to choose to play

3. Created by 3D engine, ultra-clear dynamic scenes

4. Random level challenges, BOSS-level pigs appear

Game Features

1. Arrange your bird by

The ultimate strategy in manipulating a slingshot – you are free to choose which bird to pop next! 

"That way, it's easy, right?" No! To prevent the eggs from being robbed, 

you must choose wisely, and destroy as much as you want, fill up the destruction meter, and you can get extra birds!

2. Wonderful levels with multiple stages

There has never been such a scene on Piggy Island - dazzling and cool levels, full of exotic flowers, traps, and dangers. 

Those mischievous pigs build all sorts of rickety towers right under your beak, so many levels have multiple stages. wakaka.

3. Super cool magic cards

Added blizzards, chili peppers, golden ducks and other cool spells to give you even more power over cheater pigs. 

And if you really need help when you are in danger, who can be called at once and beat the pigs into meat sauce in an instant? 

No, it is Mighty Eagle who likes to eat canned sardines! Oye!

4. Knock up BOSS-level pigs

The bad guys on Piggy Island, there are several ruthless characters, it depends on your slingshot skills to take them down. Boss Pig, Chef Pig 

and the notorious King Pig will stop at nothing to keep your eggs for themselves. Can you let them do whatever they want, 

and get away with it? It's time to teach the bacon a lesson.

5. Challenge global players

In the arena, challenge players from all over the world to see who is the most famous player in the world. 

There are new tournaments to play every day, and winning feathers can improve the bird's level, 

allowing you to calmly face the fiercest confrontation in the world. Play for real!

Gaming Strategy

1. Extra card

The extra card is very helpful for customs clearance, so such an artifact is not so easy to obtain,

 so how to get the extra card, the editor thinks that the most important thing is to be optimistic about the luck, 

and then I will share the extra card for you various methods of obtaining it.

1. Perfect blow: Sometimes you will get extra cards for playing a perfect blow, but you won’t get it at other times.

2. Play later levels: The chances of getting extra cards are higher in later levels. When I first cleared the level,

 I basically didn't know what the hell this extra card was.

3. Luck: good luck.

The above three are the ways to obtain extra cards. This thing is very useful for the later difficulties, 

so cherish and use the cards you get.

2. Blizzard

The blizzard is a good thing in the game. It can instantly turn a building into an ice sculpture. It is the nemesis of wood and stone. 

It will have a miraculous effect on certain levels. Then how to get this blizzard and what is the miraculous effect, please See the explanation below.

Blizzard function description:

Turn stones, blocks, and other buildings you touch into ice blocks after launching!

How to use Blizzard:

Once a blizzard occurs, most of the Piggies' buildings will be turned into blocks of ice. 

And that obviously requires props that work with The blues. Especially the stone-based map, Blizzard+The blues can make it extremely fragile. 

Without The blue, the blizzard can still make buildings vulnerable, but the destructive power is greatly reduced.

How to get Blizzard:

Store price: 30 diamonds. It can be purchased directly by spending only 30 diamonds. 

In addition, there are rewards for level points, and methods such as opening treasure chests can also get blizzards.

3. Feather

Feathers are newly added props with incredible effects. What are the feathers for? Let's take a look with the editor below.

Most games now have an arena, and this game also has an arena. The arena will only be opened after level 25. 

After opening, we will know how to get the feathers, because the feathers are closely related to the arena.

4. Arena Raiders:

 When the player passes level 25, the arena can be opened. There is no level limit in the arena mode. 

You can use the existing birds in your hand to break through the level. You can buy props before breaking through the level. 

When all the birds and props are used up, the arena will end. 

Every time It takes 12 diamonds to open the arena, there will be free entry, the time interval is 3 hours, and the ranking will be made according to the score.

Q: How to get the feather?

Answer: After the arena is opened, players can obtain feathers according to their ranking in the arena, 

for example: 50 feathers for the first place, 40 feathers for the second place, 30 feathers for the third place, 

10 feathers for 4-15, what is the color of the feathers every day? the same.

 Feathers will be delivered directly to the player's mailbox at a fixed time, and the player can receive the feather directly at the mailbox.

Q: What are the feathers for?

OK, now that we've finished talking about how the feathers come from, let's talk about what the feathers are for? 

Why are there only feathers as rewards in the arena? Are feathers really that important? Then I’m going to tell you that feathers are really heavy.

Feathers in Angry Birds 2 are used to upgrade Angry Birds, upgrade Angry Birds, upgrade Angry Birds, important things are said three times.

Each corresponding color corresponds to a corresponding Angry Bird. 

Yellow feathers can be upgraded to Dart Yellow, blue feathers can be upgraded to The Blue, red feathers can be upgraded to Red Angry Birds, etc.

Angry Birds can exert greater power after upgrading, 

and they will have outstanding performance in the arena and in the process of breaking through levels. 

Do you want to leave your name on the leaderboard? Then don't go to the arena.

Of course, if you are rich and willful, you can go to the game store to buy it. If you buy a 65,000 gold coin gift pack,

 you can get an Angry Birds 2 feather gift pack. There are 5 sets of various colors in the gift pack. 

Out of the gold coins to buy, you can also buy with gems. All of this is based on the fact that you are rich and self-willed, otherwise go to the arena!

5. Golden Duck

The golden duck is a magic prop, and its effect is very spectacular. 

A large number of golden ducks are dropped from the sky, causing certain damage to the building, 

and it will have a miraculous effect on some levels. Then how to get this golden duck and how to use it To get the most out of it, see the explanation below.

Golden Duck Function Description:

A large number of golden ducks fell from the sky and smashed the buildings!

Golden duck usage skills:

The weight of the golden duck is limited and it is difficult to do too much damage to the solid low-rise buildings, 

especially in the face of siege similar to bunkers, it is even more powerless. 

Therefore, when using the golden duck, it is best to make sure that there are pigs in the open air or the building is in a dangerous situation, 

otherwise the role of the golden duck is very limited.

How to get Blizzard:

Store price: 30 diamonds. It can be purchased directly by spending only 30 diamonds. In addition, there are level score rewards, 

and methods such as opening treasure chests can also get golden ducks.

Game Skills

1. Just join Angry Birds 2, add some friends first, give everyone some physical strength, and also gain some physical strength, why not do it?

2. Magic props do not need to be brought into the level. If you really need them, you can buy them on the spot without wasting grids.

3. Observe the details of the level before starting to play. In many cases, the map mechanism is the key to pass the level.

4. The strategy of choosing birds is very important. Use as few birds as possible in a single level, because you don't know how many birds will be used later.

5. Do not use golden ducks for compact buildings, it is a waste.

6. Don't numbly believe in the guideline provided by the game, it is just a reference to many situations in the actual process and it is not accurate.

7. You can get a gift bag during the game, don't waste it and give it to your good friends.

8. You can get a lot of feathers in the arena, and those who want to increase the price of birds should not miss it.

9. Resurrection requires 60 diamonds, and 3 birds are randomly provided. So until the last level, there is really no need to resurrect.

10. After launching a bird, don't rush to launch a second time, because the building has not collapsed for a day, and there will be surprises for a day.

11. The stamina is only 30, and every time you consume 5, it means that the full stamina can only satisfy 6 restarts, so play carefully.

12. The blue and dart yellow are helpless to stone buildings, so try not to let them hit stones.

13. Destroying more buildings means more points, and you will also get extra card rewards.

14. Skills cannot be used in BOSS levels, so you must grasp the use of each bird.

15. Putting the BOSS into the pit will have the effect of instant killing with one blow.

16. The difficulty in the arena is how to use the bird to kill in one hit, so you only shoot when you see it, and it doesn't take time anyway.


If you use the official version of Angry Birds 2, you need to spend diamonds to buy other useful props such as blizzards, 

and you need 60 diamonds to revive a character. Your physical strength is only 30, and you need to consume 5 each time. 

If you download and install Angry Birds 2 MOD APK, you will get unlimited diamonds, unlimited stamina, etc., 

download and install the MOD APK version now.

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Angry Birds 2 Mod Apk v3.15.4 Update

Update to account connections! Please make sure that you've connected your account via Facebook or Google to avoid losing progression while the game is being updated.

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