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Dead Cover Open World Survival(Unlimited Currency)
Dead Cover Open World Survival_latestmodsapk.com

Dead Cover Open World Survival Mod apk game v1.0(Unlimited Currency) for android

Updated on Dec 29,2022
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Dead Cover Open World Survival
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Android Limited
Android 5.1+
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Unlimited Currency
The Description Of Dead Cover Open World Survival Mod Apk

Dead Cover Open World Survival is a very conventional survival simulation game. The highlight is that the game itself has a large number of unique gameplay, and novel species and environments are waiting for players to explore. Stimulate tense survival duels, difficult and challenging collection of material resources.

Game introduction

Dead World Survival Rust (Dead World Survival Rust) cracked version is a classic exciting strategy survival adventure game. The game will take players into the crisis-filled Huangdao to survive in a challenge duel. Players who like it quickly take your friends to download and experience it together!

Game story

In Dead World Survival Rust (Dead World Survival Rust) cracked version, the player is in a huge open world. Players need to make the best use of everything and survive as much as possible. climate, food. Beasts and scary zombies, etc., these are the challenges players will face. Live and explore the unknown secrets in this world.

Game highlights

1. Rich task levels;

2. Unique system;

3. Free operation mode;

4. Exciting game sessions.

Gaming guide

First of all, the operation is as shown in the figure, the bottom is the item use bar, if you want to take something from the backpack, first click the backpack button and then click the desired item to put it in the item use bar.

Resource acquisition: At the beginning, there was only a knife, a bottle of water, and a piece of raw meat in the backpack. It was really poor. When you saw small stones and wooden branches on the ground, when you approached, you will find a button above the jump button. Hurry up. It packs up items, and when it comes to trees and stones, it uses a knife to obtain them first, and then continues to collect them after making tools. It will disappear when you finish digging, and there are piles of wood on the ground on some islands that can be obtained infinitely.

Food acquisition: At the beginning, there is only a piece of raw meat. We can use a knife to beat crabs to obtain meat. You can also go to the beach to pick up food such as canned food and water, but you need to try your luck. In the later stage, you can hunt with weapons such as guns and bows. kill animals.

Construction: house materials with construction inside

Necessary items for survival: bonfires, coal stoves, wells, beds and other items. Campfires can be used for barbecue. If you want to light a bonfire, you need wood. First, click the button to place items, and you will see four grids on the right, on which are places for wood and meat , the bottom is burning waste, barbecue, and lighting wood (please operate the English prompt above), the coal mine is burning ore, the well is used to replenish the water in the empty bottle, and the bed is used for sleeping.

Tool making: first click the production bar button, how to make an item, you must first have enough resources, and then you will see a number under the pattern of the item you are making, which shows whether you have enough resources to make the item, and the green one is Enough is enough. On the contrary, the red ones are insufficient. Then click the pattern of the item to be made. Of course, it will take time (please wait patiently)

Creature introduction: Rabbits, poultry, deer, crabs, etc. have meat, while zombies, bears, etc. are hostile creatures. How to resist them in the early stage? First, zombies will move from midnight to dawn, and they will run into the water when they appear! During the day, zombies will run away, of course you may encounter a bear, if you see a bear, it is recommended that you run away immediately! Don't fight hostile mobs when your character is in the early stages, or you'll fall at its feet before long!

Some places are very strange places such as cemeteries, residential areas, etc., don't run around in the early stage! There is also a shortage of initial resources, so don't use them indiscriminately! Otherwise, the achievements of the day will be wiped out in an instant, such as lighting a bonfire and using up all the wood.

The game can be archived, you can save the game when you don't want to play, and continue to click to read the archive when you play next time.

Note: The wood pile on the island is not unlimited, but you can get considerable wood (much better than cutting trees). The arrow pattern under the item use button is the run button.

How to make gunpowder: first get sulfur ore from stone mines, put it into an oven to refine (1 raw ore such as iron, sulfur, silicon, etc. can extract 8 pieces), here you can make gunpowder, which needs sulfur, charcoal, sulfur ,charcoal.

Acquisition of Cloth: In the early stage, there are no long-range weapons with neither guns nor bows, what should I do? It is suggested that in the early stage, when there is iron, first build a machete to hunt rabbits.

Pay attention to eating meat: the meat obtained by hunting is raw meat, many people are greedy to eat it raw, and as a result, there is a green color on the interface, followed by 1/4 of the blood, so the meat must be roasted!


You may know from the above introduction that it takes a long time for you to get gold coins. Without gold coins, you need to spend a lot of time on tasks such as hunting rabbits. So we provide you Dead Cover Open World Survival MOD APK​which you will get unlimited currency after download and install.

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Dead Cover Open World Survival Mod Apk v1.0 Update
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