DMCA Policy
DMCA Policy

1.As a free download station for mobile games, this platform provides convenient and fast free services for players who love mobile games.

2.The content uploaded and published by users on this platform, this platform only provides storage space services, and the ownership of the content belongs to the user. The content is for learning use only, please delete it within 24 hours after downloading, and shall not be used for any commercial purposes. However, it does not assume any legal responsibility for the legality of the content posted and uploaded by each user here and the liability to third parties arising therefrom.

3.Games uploaded by game developers on this platform, game copyrights are owned by game development companies. This platform has the right to develop and distribute its content on this platform. Any legal and economic responsibilities arising from the copyright of the content of this platform shall be independently borne by the game developers.

4.All websites linked to this platform and their content and copyright are the responsibility of the corresponding providers and owners, and this platform does not bear any direct or indirect commercial or legal responsibility for its content, form or quality.

5.This platform complies with the federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act(DMCA) and responds to notices of alleged infringenent in compliance with the DMCA and ohther applicable laws.

6.If any company or individual thinks that the content provided by the official website of this platform may be suspected of infringing its legitimate rights and interests, it should promptly give feedback to the official website of this platform by email, and provide a certificate of copyright ownership, the identity certificate of the copyright owner and the certificate of infringement, etc. to confirm the rights of the content. attributed material. Once confirmed, the official website of this platform will immediately take measures such as removal and stop publishing. If the above-mentioned certification materials that can prove the ownership of the content cannot be provided, the official website of this platform will temporarily not take corresponding measures including removal and suspension of publication. If you have any questions about copyright and want to negotiate with this platform, please contact us Email:[email protected].