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DanceRail3(Unlimited Money)

DanceRail3 Mod apk game v1.61(Unlimited Money) for android

Updated on Dec 24,2022
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Mod Info
Unlimited Money(increases when spent)
The Description Of DanceRail3 Mod Apk

DanceRail 3 Unlimited Money​ is a music rhythm type mobile game, cool arcade style, classic level-breaking adventure gameplay, and rich music types. Players can challenge to break through levels according to their favorite songs in the game. Point-and-click gameplay and strike effects, many refreshing gameplay and unique challenges, download and experience it if you are interested!

Game introduction

The latest version of DanceRail3 is here! Developed with the latest Unity2018 engine, it will bring you a higher experience.

Game Features

Brand new music rhythm game content

Classic gameplay gives you better enjoyment

Rich tracks and game modes

You can choose the difficulty according to your ability


1. There is no limit to the game. Choose your favorite wind songs and start your challenge. You can play the perfect melody freely.

2. Crazy fingertip music settings, free and flexible release of music talent, follow the rhythm to start the carnival journey.

3. Crazy release of fingertips, accompanied by perfect performance of rhythm, professional-level design, looking for resonance between music and fingertips.

4. Dance with music and fingertips, ignite youthful passion, new waiting audio game settings, enjoy unlimited fingertip challenges.

Game Content

1. Judgment: The judgment of the game has several characteristics

①There is no need to tap the beginning of the bar and slide.

②There is an obvious touch delay, that is, after a short period of time after letting go, it is still regarded as the hand continues to press.

③ Pressing the button too early will not judge the miss. As long as the button is pressed, the lowest rating is good. At this time, the combo will continue but a little HP will be deducted. The blood volume will be restored when the perfect is played.

④The red no-touch key is an innovative key type. Contrary to the conventional key, it will be judged as a big P if it is not touched, and it will be judged as a miss if it is touched.

2. Other aspects:

①Skill test: It is somewhat similar to the audio game rank system. There are seven levels in total. Each level needs to play 3~5 songs in a row. The blood volume is shared. Keep alive and complete all the songs to pass the level.

②Store: It is somewhat similar to phigros. You can get currency by playing songs, and you can buy songs, double experience and other items in the store.

③Level: Similar to muse dash, you can unlock songs by upgrading.

④Key sound: The key sound of the game is produced by itself along with the chart, rather than the player playing the song and touching the key. This leads to a decrease in the impact of DR, which may take some time for some players to adapt.

3. Charts: Under the above-mentioned characteristics, the game has produced many charts that are impossible for other audio games.

For example, long press and touch overlap, etc., and players can easily do some tricky operations. The fly in the ointment is that almost all charts are designed with multiple fingers as the standard, and even some level 5 songs will have multiple fingers. However, the game judgment is very loose, and the thumb and two-finger party can also challenge the limit of multi-betting.

4. Music: The quality of the music selection is very high, and there are many popular songs.

For example, no man's land (muse dash), Aleph-0 and winter↑cube↓(phigros) that have appeared in other audio games; songs you must have heard such as Qianben Sakura; popular songs in the electronic voice circle Time Leaper, Fireworks, dusk and so on.

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DanceRail3 screenshot image 1_latestmodsapk.com
DanceRail3 screenshot image 2_latestmodsapk.com
DanceRail3 screenshot image 3_latestmodsapk.com
DanceRail3 screenshot image 4_latestmodsapk.com
DanceRail3 screenshot image 5_latestmodsapk.com
DanceRail3 Mod Apk v1.61 Update
Add new songs.
Add new charts.
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DanceRail3(Unlimited Money) Mod 1.61(1.3GB)
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