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Minecraft(100 days of shock Mods)

Minecraft Mod apk game v1.20.80.05(100 days of shock Mods) for android

Updated on Dec 04,2023
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Mod Info
You can experience all the contents of the game for free. The game has integrated my 100 day map of world change. Click the first one to enter my 100 day map of world change.
The Description Of Minecraft Mod Apk

Minecraft MOD APK is a high-degree-of-freedom sandbox construction mobile game that is popular all over the world. It has a 10-year operating history of pixel games. Now you can play with all your friends around the world. The new version is new online, here friends They can use their unlimited imagination to build everything from the simplest homes to the most magnificent castles, free to explore game adventures, this simulation management mobile game has no specific plot and gorgeous special effects, easy to operate, It pays more attention to the playability of the game, and has certain requirements for the creativity of the players. If you like it, come and download it!

Minecraft game content

1. The brand new map allows players to explore as much as they want.

2. Explore an infinite world and build everything from the simplest homes to the grandest castles.

3. In the virtual world, build the buildings you dream of.

4. Play in creative mode with endless resources, or delve into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous creatures.

5. Your real construction adventure, start and complete your mission.

Minecraft featured Gameplay

1. I want an ancient city: Enter the seed "iwanancientcity", and the world loaded from this seed will have an ancient city under the block of your birth point. Of course, it is not directly below the birth point block, but not far away within the range of sight. The specific location can be tested in spectator mode.

2. The undead guardian: the guardian can keep falling undead at the maximum height in Minecraft. Remember that the highest point of the building height falls to Y=-64 floors, such a powerful ability cannot be found in Minecraft. The other one that landed solidly and could not die was naturally the iron golem.

3. Voice-activated lights: The silent sensor (hidden sensor) is the best voice-activated light. You only need to place a redstone lamp next to the hidden sensor, and the light can be turned on when you walk over it.

4. Swift Stealth III is actually faster than normal walking: so you might as well enchant the boots with this fairy-level enchantment, and then walk stealthily. The speed is between walking and sprinting. If you don’t have enough hunger to run, you can enter stealth and move faster, and maybe you can save a dog’s life.

5. Jump + sneak = no vibration: just jump forward and then sneak to the ground quickly, without activating the silent block and warden. If you have a fast hand speed, it will hardly affect your actions in the dark realm and the ancient city.

6. Flooded ancient city: Pour water on the silent blocks, and they will not be activated by moving in the water. Those who have the ability can submerge the entire ancient city with a layer of water. This was done to avoid waking Warden as much as possible.

7. Diamond digging method: a new mining method, you can always dig diamonds by digging down under the mud. You need to choose mud surrounded by sand on three sides. You can test for yourself whether this is true or not.

8. The hardest block: The frame of the ancient city center is said to be made of an unbreakable "reinforced deep slate". But in fact, if you continue to masturbate for 83 seconds, you can masturbate. The effect and duration of masturbation with bare hands and tools is the same.

9. How to enter the secret room of the ancient city: The way to enter the secret room of the ancient city is to find a box directly below the frame of the city center with a golden apple in it, and then go to the lower floor from the wooden bridge behind. Eat the golden apple against the wall, and the door of the secret room will be opened.

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Minecraft Mod Apk v1.20.80.05 Update
Bug Fixes
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