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Raft Survival - Ocean Nomad(Unlimited Coins)
Raft Survival - Ocean Nomad_latestmodsapk.com

Raft Survival - Ocean Nomad Mod apk game v1.215.8(Unlimited Coins) for android

Updated on Aug 10,2023
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Raft Survival - Ocean Nomad
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Android Limited
Andriod 5.0+
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The Description Of Raft Survival - Ocean Nomad Mod Apk

Raft Survival Ocean Nomad Simulator is a very fun simulation survival game. On this small raft, you are alone. For this, you have to survive, collect materials in the sea, catch more food, pay attention to big sharks and Waves, protect yourself!

About Raft Survival Ocean Nomad Simulator MOD APK

The official version of Raft Survival Ocean Nomad Simulator requires the game process, if you need to survive, you need to get a lot of prey in exchange for gold coins, but if you have installed Raft Survival Ocean Nomad Simulator MOD APK ​you will get unlimited gold coins and unlimited supplies, allowing you Complete the island adventure more smoothly.

Game Features

Give survivors a chance to get closer to reality;

Panoramic maps generated anytime and anywhere;

A simulated world with day and night cycle weather effects.

This game is made with a 3D engine, and the picture of the whole game is very delicate and clear;

The game uses a first-person perspective to enter, making the whole atmosphere more real and the impact stronger;

You need to pay attention to the problems that you need to pay attention to in real life, and pay attention to your health at any time;

With its own complete story background and a complete clue, the work on the storyline is very well done.

What the player simulates on the isolated island is the situation of a real person in distress at sea, and the degree of simulation is really high.

There are still many strange places on the island, and players need to find a way to go back through exploration.

Game instructions

1. Use your wisdom to face all the tests, you are the only one in the whole ocean, and you can find ways to get food and water;

2. While collecting more materials and props, you also need to beware of sneak attacks from nearby fields.

3. 3D ultra-realistic design, providing you with a real three-dimensional sea survival environment;

4. First-person perspective gameplay, super-intuitive game experience, let you have an immersive feeling.

Game Guide

Multiplayer: Survive alone or with friends in online co-op

Hook: Use your hook to catch floating debris.

Craft: Build survival equipment, weapons, crop plots, and more to help you stay alive

Build: Expand your raft from a simple wreck to a floating mansion.

Research: Learn something new in the research table.

Navigation: sail your raft to new places

Diving: drop anchor and explore the depths for more resources.

Combat: Defend your raft from the hazards of the ocean.

Raft Survival Ocean Nomad Simulator Game Guide

1. How to assemble the boat:

(thatch base)

After entering the game, we click on the icon with a hammer on the right, which is the crafting room for special items. The main structure of the boat is the base. There are mainly three kinds of thatched bases, wooden bases and metal bases. Let's see what we need to make the base and collect some materials.

(metal base)

For example, the manufacture of thatch base requires a wooden hammer and thatch. First, a wooden hammer must be made. A wooden hammer is one of the necessary tools for making other high-level items. The method of making a wooden hammer only needs 1 piece of wood and 2 parts of thatch. We collect Once you have enough materials, click the wooden hammer icon in the crafting room, and then click the crafting in the lower right corner to complete the crafting.

(wooden hammer)

The material is 5 parts of thatch and wooden hammer. The manufacturing method is the same as that of the wooden hammer. You only need to select the icon of the thatch base in the craft room, and then click the word "craft" in the lower right corner to succeed. The method of making other wooden bases in the game is the same as that of the metal base. The premise is that Gather enough materials and make the right tools.

(Drag items into the shortcut bar to use)

We have finished making this thatch base, drag the thatch base into the shortcut bar in the backpack, and then go back to the main interface and click the thatch base in the shortcut bar. The character will come out with a hammer. We point the crosshairs at the sea surface at the edge of the original boat, and the shadow of the thatch base will appear. When the base turns green, click the construction icon in the lower right corner to assemble the base to the boat. The assembly method of other items is the same, isn’t it very simple? The item turns green and placed)

In addition, the composition of the ship is not only the base, but also walls, ladders, pillars and many other items can enrich the structure of the ship, the manufacturing method is the same, collect enough materials according to the synthesis table, and the finished product can be dragged in quickly. After the bar, place it where you want on the main interface, and it can be placed when it turns green.

2. Unlimited Tower:

In Raft Survival Jedi Survival Game, the role of the radio tower is to turn on the radar. The radar can scan the position of the islands within the detection range. To turn on the radar, you need to install 3 radio towers. If you build less than 3 radio towers, you will not be able to Turn on the radar.

3. How to place things in Raft Survival:

The foundation is the building block for the first floor, and the floor is the building block for the second floor.

Stairs are an essential component for building the second floor and require 3 spaces.

Pillars are an essential component for building the second floor and require 1 space.

The floor is an essential component to build the second floor and requires 1 tile of space.

A hammer is an essential tool for construction. Press the left mouse button to build.

When we can build tools, a hammer is a must, and the hammer has many functions!

Confirm the position by facing the sea close to the raft itself.

The built component, release the left mouse button to confirm. Let me explain here that the foundation is a component for building the first floor, and the floor is a component for building the second floor.

In the early days, it hurts sharks to chew on wooden boards, especially if they are afraid of biting the wooden boards where the items are placed (if you are lucky and have more wooden barrels, you can make spears first).

It is enough to make more than 10 nets, and you can start laying the floor, and come back to the net every 3-5 minutes to collect things.

The next step is the expansion stage. The width of the raft is only two squares, and a long snake array is used to build a collection net. The wider the net is, the faster the collection will be.

There are different routes in the later stage. Anyway, if you are hungry or thirsty, you can play however you want, but I suggest planting a variety of trees, and there will be fewer and fewer floating objects in the sea in the later stage.

At the beginning of the game, use the hook to collect resources. Be careful not to leak the barrel. If you can’t hook it, go to the water to fish it. First make a cup and a water boiler, and then make a stove and a fishing rod.

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Raft Survival - Ocean Nomad Mod Apk v1.215.8 Update

bug fixed

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