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Project QT(Menu on Battle)
Project QT_latestmodsapk.com

Project QT Mod apk game v13.0(Menu on Battle) for android

Updated on Jun 13,2022
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App Name
Project QT
Latest Version
Android Limited
Andriod 5.0+
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Mod Info
Menu on Battle
HP Changing to 1%/50%/100%
Auto Win
Enemy Kill
Change every stone to Block of choice
Change every stone to color of choice
SKill Ready
The Description Of Project QT Mod Apk


There are too many gamers out heir the market alone. Billions of games are present in the google play store. Too many games are there, but unfortunately, only very few are spending time on it, and everyone gets bored from all traditional racing and survival games. If you want to get purge of those conventional racing games and explore many more different games, you have never encountered before, and you have come to the right place.

Today I will introduce you to the Project Qt Mod Apk game in this article; after spending a few minutes on this game, you will fall in love with the game and never feel bored in this mod pack. I want to say that clearly game is highly addictive and loved by a massive audience because of HD graphics, good music, and the last most crucial gameplay based on beautiful girls. The gameplay of this is highly seductive, and believe me, and you will enjoy this game as you never enjoyed any game until now. Project Qt Mod Apk is an action-adventure game where you will require beautiful girls to do mission tasks. Their variety of functions you will get throughout the game, like puzzle-solving, fights between the girls, make you girls more attractive by making her dominant in the hierarchy of their fellow mates. During arguments, the most muscular girls out there and then sharpen the skills with absolute practice and cast the powerful skills in battle.


Project Qt Mod Apk is an alternative modified version of the official PROJECT QT. As you already know, this game is 18 age plus because of seductive graphics, and for the same reason, it is neither on google play store and other platforms. You can visit its original website, PROJECT QT wiki, where you can learn more about this beautiful game.

Unlock all Seductive warrior girls

There are many seductive girls in this beautiful game, and their official name is cowgirl, Abyssal warden, dragon girl, feather queen, the fox, wolf girls, the witch, and many more beautiful warrior girls out there in the list. Your best offering, which project Qt Mod Apk provides, unlocks all girls, as you don't need the desired mission to open specific girls. However, you have to gain some battle experience before unlocking them.

Each girl possesses a different skill set and character. To make your desired character girls happy, you purchase their favourite toys like slime girls prefer low-temperature cable, red hot threesome game, and dry ice. Every girl has their preference, so explore your favourite character preference and surprise them with exciting gifts.

HD graphics, unique gameplay, and loving music

Project Qt Mod Apk has astonishing graphics which will make your gaming expense more addictive. Beautiful girls look so attractive in excellent HD pixels that you will send hour on gamin without even knowing that. In this Project Qt Mod Apk, players can choose a team of wonderful, amazing l girls and join the fights to repel the harmful infection from spreading all around worldwide. The gameplay is pretty interesting, like making the squad of girls to have fought in the classic, adventurous missions. Moreover, the loving music creates a more pleasurable mood; the whole atmosphere becomes so loving while enjoying this mod Apk that you can't even imagine without downloading it; project Qt Mod Apk download quickly now.

Many modes with the epic storyline

This one important of the Project Qt Mod Apk game is that you must have a solid understanding of mode and chapter before downloading the project Qt Mod Apk on your phone. There are two modes in the regular game mode and hard mode. To be a member of hard mode, you first need to complete all the missions of normal modes. Each normal mode has ten sages, and later, one hard mode has four stages. You will need at least three stars for every stage, and getting three stars isn't an easy task, so for the tremendous support, we are with Project Qt Mod Apk for you all. Everyone is looking over there for a bonus chest. To get a bonus chest, you need a minimum of a hundred stars. Moreover, the storyline is epic. As you came to understand easily, all 22 chapters of the game are filled with an exciting and thrilling journey so go ahead with it.

It a crazy event all time

There are too many events take place in this incredible Project Qt Mod Apk. Some famous you must also try once like Alberta naughty prom nights, Halloween, Christmas, and many more. Ther are to subcategory events are their like under the category of h scene events. You could enjoy nice secret, Ecricat dating nights, erotica escape, a one-night stand, and so many thrilling possibilities. Make new friends invite them to events, and enjoy them all day and night. The more pleasure you give to others during the circumstances, the more rewards you will earn. Always keep in check of pleasure level and intact level; each character has different emotional levels. After taking pleasure for you, make sure they become happy so you will get exclusive high rewards.

Make new friends

Project Qt Mod Apk offers one the grat to make new friends on the multiplayer mode you can talk lost of a stranger. Impress them without you communication skill ane become their new friends even Project Qt have official discord community which has more 100 k members. Flirts and gossip with anyone in the community and invite them to events. If you succeed in providing good pleasure in the event, you will indeed have a long-lasting new friend. Practice hard be an ultimate player that when somebody sees you, they fall in love after seeing your first time.

Final verdict

Indeed Project Qt Mod Apk is a fantastic, thrilling anime game developed by Nutaku gaming company. Suppose you have been looking for any fantasy game for so long, then this right choice for you. Hot warriors girls' appeal is so breathtaking that you can't take your eyes off your phone. No more delay. RightNow Project Qt Mod Apk download from the below link.

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Project QT Mod Apk v13.0 Update
Bug Fixes
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Project QT(Menu on Battle) Mod 13.0(79.2MB)
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